Dog snacks dog biscuits vegan naturally healthy delicious and handmade. In addition, we have individual, lovingly handcrafted accessories and souvenirs such as collars, harnesses, towels, coats and toys for every dog.

The Dog snacks, Dog cookies, Dog treats, super snacks, Dog menus and Dog purees hundsfutter are 100% vegan, natural, healthy and tasty. Because we pay attention not to use flour or other ingredients that can cause an allergy, Even particularly sensitive animals tolerate our various hypoallergenic biscuits, snacks, treats, menus, purees and super snacks for dogs.

Michelle torres
Michelle torres
Muy recommended! A mis perros les encantaron las galletas vegetales. El dueño es muy buena persona y os merece la pena pasaros
Carly O
Carly O
A lovely quaint shop with a very kind owner who wants to go above and beyond to bring joy to you and your pet! Great treats, and dog accessories. Highly recommend taking a stop here!
Nathan Oster
Nathan Oster
Brought a bandana back to our dog in Canada! We very much enjoyed our visit at this shop in Madrid. Highly recommend checking it out.
Mateu Terrasa Rico
Mateu Terrasa Rico
La rica variedad de galletas vegetales de esta tienda son una alternativa idónea a los piensos ultraprocesados ​​que "creemos que "hay que dar a los perros". Esto sí que es un alimento nutritivo y digerible. Que no te coman la cabeza, ¿te gustaría como ser humano comer pienso todos los días? Recomendado!!
Manuel Mesias
Manuel Mesias
Excelente todo lo que ofrecen. Mi perro tiene el estómago delicado y las galletas que venden le caen de maravilla! Cada vez que paso frente a la tienda mi perro quiere entrar 😅 así que es muy buena señal!
Paz Sierra del Olmo
Paz Sierra del Olmo
Preciosa tienda, que llama la atención por el encanto artesanal que tiene. Vas caminando por la calle y sin pensarlo, te invita a pasar. Una vez dentro, te encuentras con un dueño muy amable y una calidad para los perros excelente. Todo muy sostenible y muy de verdad, sin adornos artificiales. A mi perrita le ha encantado el surtido de cosas ricas que le hemos comprado y además la hemos puesto guapa con una bandana de las que venden. Tienen unas telas preciosas. Una idea preciosa. Thanks!!
Jesus Manuel Ramirez Ortega
Jesus Manuel Ramirez Ortega
Excelente Service and muy buena Calidad en sus products. Felicidades !!!
Susana Boyardi
Susana Boyardi
Excelentes products para nuestras mascotas! La atención y el servicio al cliente son exceptionales! Totally recommendable!

Our voluntary purity requirement for dog snacks.

The dry snacks and menus are gently and without energy air dried. So just as free of additives as the snacks for dogs in the glass.

Our healthy treats, crispy dog snacks, crunchy chews for dogs, healthy vegan chewing bones, soft biscuits, healthy dog ​​food and delicious purees for dogs are made gently by us best natural ingredients manufactured. What's on the label is in hundsfutter inside. Nothing else. We do not use any flavor enhancers, colorings, additives, attractants or preservatives.

We do this because we believe it's better for everyone. Anyone who has ever had a dog that was often sick and felt unwell will understand how much you suffer with your animal. The pain is like your own and even worse. If the dog cannot enjoy his life, you try everything to help him. But unfortunately it is not always really possible to cure an illness.

health care by a very good, balanced, varied diet with hundsfutter Snacks, super snacks, menus,

Therefore, prevention and protection of health, similar to us humans, is the most important thing. And that works to a large extent through a healthy and balanced diet. Add to that a healthy lifestyle and a bit of luck, and the dog and his family can look forward to a long, healthy dog ​​life.

The snacks from hundsfutter are a very important contribution to dog health.

We want to make it easy for dog owners to keep their best friend healthy with our wide range of snacks, treats, biscuits, menus, food and purees for dogs. After all, who has the time and the opportunity to buy this huge variety of special ingredients that are contained in our snacks and prepare them into a tasty meal for the dog. With our wide range of products, special ingredients such as sprouted lentils, sprouted chickpeas, beetroot, pumpkins and pears are always available. The gentle and energy-free air drying ensures that the dog snacks preserve the valuable ingredients particularly well. This means that you have the best and most varied nutrition for dogs available anytime and anywhere.

ingredients with origin.

Whenever possible, we source all of our ingredients selected, regional, sustainable and fair producers. We conserve through energy-saving air drying and through vacuum in jars. These glasses can now be returned with a separate deposit system. All our products are natural and hypoallergenic. We also have gluten free snacks biscuits and purees. All of our dog snacks and dog biscuits are vegan and natural.

The hundsfutter It's not just about your own dog, we also want the other animals to have a good time.

When we started, the products were from hundsfutter vegan and vegetarian. At that time we were afraid that we would find too few buyers with purely vegan products. However, we were never happy with this compromise. Because at the latest once you have cooked a large pot of puree with egg and have pureed the many egg yolks yourself, the feeling for what you are offering changes. Now we are a 100% vegan company. The old puree with egg is replaced by a delicious puree with pumpkin, that gets its protein content from lentils and chickpeas. In addition to general animal welfare, we are particularly committed to the adoption of dogs. We find it important that the dogs that are in the world first get a home before breeding new ones.

The more we grow, the more we want to work with animal charities. because together you can achieve a lot.

We want all dogs and animals to be happy. That's why we only make vegan products.

This little boy is allowed to make a wish every year when there are reports and he gets good grades. Actually, he was going to buy a new Playstation, but then this little dog showed up. Now he has dog adopted and finds it much nicer to play with a dog than to play with a Playstation. We made this video for/with the APAP Alcala in Madrid .

There are always breakages when baking and sorting. We will then send it to you Berlin animal board or to the APAP in Madrid or any other organization that ensures that the snacks with "little mistakes" do not go uneaten.

But above all, our products must give to the dogs taste.

This is how the pane of ours looks hundsfutter workshop off. Pretty much every dog ​​that walks by presses his nose to the glass because he knows that the delicious snacks are made behind it. When the door is open, the dogs stick their long and short noses in and pull their owners into the shop.

Simply receive the good ...

Our principle is simple: We get the good of natural foods, so that we don’t have to add artificial materials again later. In addition to the gentle manufacture by hand, conservation is also important. At hundsfutter we conserve in vacuum in recyclable glasses (for which we have even introduced a deposit system in Germany and Spain) and through gentle, energy-free air drying. All dog snacks, dog biscuits, dog treats, dog menus, dog purees are vegan, healthy, delicious and hypoallergenic.

The hundsfutter we make a variety of natural and healthy products for dogs. Our principle is to work transparently and honestly. Everything we do has to be good for the dog and the other animals, for people and for the world. Just like him sustainable Dealing with people and animals and the world are among our basic principles. With the products of hundsfutter is a nsustainable lifestyle easily possible with a dog. .

The regional, selected ingredients are carefully processed by us ...

The natural ingredients are carefully selected by us and come from selected, regional producers. We work without preservatives, flavor enhancers or other additives. Because that's better for animals, us and the world. Our snacks Dog snacks Dog biscuits are exclusively vegan, the dog treats Dog chewing bones Biscuits, treats, dog menus and purees all have those Quality of human food. And also helps the regional and vegan concept the Climate Protection.

Also good for dogs that need a diet, suffer from allergies or are simply a little older ...

We also have suitable products for dogs with intolerances or illnesses. Like our vegan carrot biscuits, for example, which have a particularly low fat content. On the other hand, our vegan apple / nut biscuits are gluten-free. In addition, the snacks / purees for which we use flour are allergy-safe thanks to the use of spelled or corn flour. Above all, we also have purees that are made entirely without flour.

Some of ours Snacks are the dog's toothbrush.

Our crispy snacks are ideal for daily dental care. If older dogs have problems with their teeth, then our soft biscuits in jars are ideal. Dogs that have few or wobbly teeth also like them. And there is also the possibility that we compose a food individually for your dog. Please just call or email.

Our hundsfutter is very diverse ...

We make one from the best ingredients Variety of different vegan products here, because like humans, dogs have special preferences and their own taste. Our high-quality snacks, cookies, additional feed, menus and purees are one valuable contribution for healthy diet the dogs. We are constantly developing new recipes to allow more variety in the food bowl: Because the healthiest thing is still your dog to offer balanced, rich and varied, natural nutrition.

A great snack, a healthy change and a healthy, delicious dog menu….

Our snacks and cookies are ideal as a reward when training, as Chew pass in between, for daily denture care and for a healthy, varied diet of our dogs. Our dog menus are part of a completely new nutritional concept. With a healthy variety, we offer a valuable alternative to conventional full feeding. A feed concept that is characterized by the fact that it is particularly practical, natural, sustained, healthy and tasty. Our dog snacks and dog biscuits are all vegan and natural.

“But it is not only important to us what we do, but also how we do it. We believe in a lifestyle of sustainability and Justice, and that there is no exploitation of defenseless people and no exclusion Disadvantaged may give. That is why we work in an inclusive team and make delicious healthy ones Dog snacks Dog biscuits die vegan and natural are. And hypoallergenic dog snacks, soft biscuits for dogs, crunchy biscuits, healthy dog ​​food and delicious purees made from selected, regional, fair-trade ingredients.”

The hundsfutter Team

Simply completely sustainable in every sense, because Sustainability is not a trend but a necessity for survival at a hunt.

With our workshop and ours Products, we want to show that it is worth, really sustained to act. That means there are others Werte than just “cheap” or “the main thing is fun”. Because it counts every little change for the betterto make a better common Future reachable for everyone ... because it is much nicer when it is the other people, animals and nature, goes well too. The social return of hundsfutter is very important to us.

Creative and productive work in an inclusive team ...

We provide our vegan Products and dog accessories handcrafted in inclusive Team. We work together on an equal footing and this special creative and productive interplay gives hundsfutter its special character. That's why our dog biscuits are vegan, natural and simply different from anything else on the market. And it's a dream that we're pursuing with all our might, no matter how difficult the system makes it, because Tolerance, open-mindedness, participation, equality, justice, compassion, honesty, openness and friendliness are values ​​that have suffered greatly from digitization. But we must revive them for a future for all people..

Everyone can make a difference ...

Sustainability starts with each individual. That's why we want to set an example with our company so that everyone realizes how much Power in your own actions lies. Because only when we consciously consume, our money no longer contributes to the lives of people, animals and all of our living space, nature Gier be destroyed. Only if we act consciously in everyday life, is a fair, inclusive, sustainable and friendly company become normal. Simply because it feels right and because the future belongs to everyone.

Very important with our solidarity project are ours too Gift boxes and gift ideas for dogs and dog lovers.

There are many dog ​​lovers, the other dog friends a special one Gift want to do. We have a number of very special things that we also pack very lovingly and individually. For example with a personal greeting card. Everything as if you had done it yourself.

You can always find something suitable with us, but if you want something more special, we can also make something individually. For example, we can bake bones with the name or other biscuit shapes, fill special packages, birthday cakes, editions as company gifts, personal recipes. make special toys, special neckerchiefs or neckerchiefs with a partner look. So just about anything you can think of. Just send an email to info @hundsfutter.com or call: +49 (0) 151 599 02 012. We look forward to advising you.

Everything is made with love...

You can feel our Products at that with a lot of Love are made. As a result, they are also very fond of dog lovers Dog friends given away. Which is why we are very proud of our work, because we can do that changeTo a sustainable lifestyle, support. All dog snacks dog biscuits vegan of course hundsfutter are special. They are good for the dog, nature, the climate, the people who buy them, the people who make them and the other animals.

hundsfutter you can fair online shopping here now directly with the team or buy in selected stores.